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What are some ways to manage time and energy levels throughout the day for students?

Thanks for this wonderful A2A Suryaday Nath !  From Quora. 

You may wonder why I am saying wonderful: Very relevant and interesting question in today’s context of parents pampering their children and making themdelicate darlings! No offence for parents, please!

Managing time: (not in any specific order, use what suits you)

  1. Multi task, do a bit at a time. This was you will feel less bored.
  2. Start working on the task when it is assigned.Never procrastinate. Let deadlines not chase you.
  3. Enjoy the tasks at hand. If it is boring, do a little, take a break and come back to it later
  4. Have a to do list, on mobile. No need to remember and be stressed with the size or heap of work at hand
  5. Plan well in advance. Spend some time in planning, this is an investment. Failing to plan is planning to fail!
  6. Take help when in need, never wait to do all on your own. Better late than never.
  7. Have proper sleep and proper food
  8. Review what is done at the end of the day, and plan what to do the next day. This was your subconscious mind starts the thought process of working on the pending tasks
  9. Learn to say NO, if a task is not doable.
  10. Take ownership of the task at hand. Be responsible for all your actions.
  11. Use technology for betterment of self and others around you
  12. Use social media interactions productively
  13. Let at least 70% moments of the entire day (awake time) be a value add to you, or others.
  14. Life’s moments are to be spent wisely and cherished. Life is too short to keep things for doing later.
  15. Commit to the task and focus on completion

Managing energy levels:

  1. Most important: Item 4 and 7 from Managing Time list.
  2. Take 3–5 minutes power naps
  3. Relax and enjoy each moment while doing the task
  4. Have lots of water through the day
  5. Spend some moments of the day with loved ones and friends
  6. Recap your achievements and good memories if you feel low
  7. Develop a hobby, or read: hard copy or online
  8. Watch some good show/ movie in small parts when you have time or are bored
  9. Become responsible, and mature
  10. Live life, and enjoy each moment to the fullest.
  11. Smile and interact with people around.
  12. Do your bit to make this world a better place. Volunteering gives a strong feeling of satisfaction and contentment.

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