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Wondering how AI is reshaping the world ?

Wondering how AI is reshaping the world ?  


In this blog let's delve briefly into what is AI and how AI is reshaping the world today.


Artificial Intelligence, AI in short is concerned with building smart machines and doing smart tasks. AI is enabling machines to think and behave like humans and mimicking their actions for carrying out day to day tasks irrespective of whether they are mundane, routine or innovative in nature. AI is reshaping the world, it is definitely no longer a futuristic technology but has come in a big way into our lives and spread like wildfire across the globe. A glimpse of AI was well seen in Hollywood based scifi movies where robots took on the world. 


What is the foundation of AI? 

AI evolved with the idea that machines can think and behave like humans and is based on a combination of various disciplines namely computer science, biology, mathematics, psychology, linguistics etc.

AI encompasses two major tasks: creating expert systems and implementing human intelligence in machines. An expert system exhibits intelligence behaviour and using steps of learning, demonstrating, explaining and providing advice to users. Human Intelligence on the other hand involves building systems which can understand, think, learn and behave like humans.


The basis of AI is learning which can be further categorized into supervised learning (regression based function derived from labelled set of input output pairs), unsupervised learning (deriving useful information from data using clustering and association) and reinforcement learning (machines are enabled to autonomously respond to stimuli and are conditioned using rewards and penalty mechanism).

AI is driving emerging technologies like cloud computing, big data, robotics, IoT etc. to become the technological innovator for an amazing experience ahead and thus reshaping the globe. Research in this domain continues further with ventures into the deep learning arena.


Applications of AI in everyday life

AI combined with technology is impacting virtually every industry and every human being. Few examples of how AI is reshaping our lives are cited here which illustrate simulations of various aspects of human intelligence including reasoning, learning, decision making and taking steps in uncertain environments.

You are aware of virtual assistants like Google Assistant and Siri, who have provided a helping hand to all of us including the differently abled and make their lives easier to live. Such systems have a capability to comprehend the language and meaning irrespective of the accent, slang, background noise, change in human’s tone or voice etc.

AI has reshaped the globe with smarter vehicles which use  AI in self driving cars, matches made easier on online dating and match-making sites, industries able to detect breaches in security with AI based cyber security, credit card frauds are easier detected using AI algorithms, insurance sector has benefited with AI recommended premium plans and insurance claims, doctors can get better clarity of diseases using AI based image processing algorithms, healthcare industry is deploying AI based drug doses and suggestions for line of treatment,  company recruitment processes are improving with  AI based recommender systems etc. who can forget AI based chess, poker and tic tac toe games where  machines have gone far beyond what humans can think? Even police can use AI based vision systems to recognize the face of a person from the portrait provided by forensic artist. Manufacturing companies and warehouses across the globe are using AI and sensor based robots to assemble, stack, move and monitor goods and equipment.


What next?

The decade is just the beginning, AI is moving further ahead in reshaping the world with newer technologies like deep learning and will create a profound impact on productivity, employment and customer experience. 


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