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Dr. Seema Shah

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How is MPSTME growing?

How is NMIMS MPSTME as of 2016?

Good and growing! Good infrastructure, wifi, ample activities, well planned academic calendar.

It is about your own attitude to learn and grow, then your family background and support, peer culture and then the college environment. The curriculum , placement status. extra curricular activities all count to build a student's personality and make him or her capable to face global challenges and succeed in life. The contribution of the college in making you is equal to that of family, peers and self.

Has the growth of the college been good?

Definitely, it has been good. More feathers in the cap year on year in terms of student's achievements on national and international level, college recognition and acceptance among other institutes and corporate sector, increasing number of publications, and research activity etc. Another highlight is the autonomy, which enables curriculum revision so that iti always in sync with the industry requirements.

Is it expected to get better or worse?

Frankly, and a straightforward answer, not because I am working here! The college is expected to get better and better and thus grow. I am glad that I am here, in an environment where I can grow and contribute to enable others to grow.

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