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Who should study Computer Science or Computer Engineering?


Computer Science has been trending for several decades now in terms of jobs and studies. With technology trends like AI,  Cloud Computing, Augmented Reality, Blockchain driving the industries for wider adoption there is no doubt that computer Science is the in thing for graduate studies.


How does one understand whether to opt for computer science study?


If you are good in logical and analytical thinking and enjoying a lot of mind games then you will be able to get the hang of programming. Also if one is capable of thinking out of the box or is innovative or has a curious bent of mind, then definitely can opt for this domain.


Today you can see many ads online for getting into coding even from 6th standard. At this age it is about basic coding, and soon one can get into app development and use of APIs. This is a first lighting of the match, and if the light continues to glow then soon one gets deeper into it and will definitely look forward to opt for computer science study in the graduate course.


You can choose this study right after tenth standard by opting for the Tech Integrated Program at NMIMS’s MPSTME or take up a diploma followed by lateral entry to second year in computer science BTech or study XII and then give some national/ state level/ university specific exams and get into the graduate program on merit.


But a word of caution, it is good to step in with open eyes. So I would suggest that have a look at the types of jobs offered in the computing field, the career growth in each of them and which one interests you. If there is a define yes for atleast a couple of these, then you should study computer science!


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