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Can you change the Education system?

Can you change the Education system?

Well you can help in changing the education system if you are working in the education department or are an integral member of the team involved in designing/ implementing educational reforms.

But according to me changing the educational system can be initiated at various levels and is not one person’s or one team;s job. These levels are:

  • at the government level: design reforms, or promote education initiatives and policies
  • at the school level: motivated school management and teachers who encourage learning
  • at home: parents treat the child as a unique entity and avoid comparing with other children or rote learning, let the child live life and enjoy each day as it comes instead of running behind marks.

Changing the education system is not a one man or one level responsibility but a joint one. You can contribute depending on your role and designation. As is rightly said: Where there is a will, there is a way!

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